Friday, November 30, 2007

Adidas Predator Powerswerve 4 Gerrard!!!

Predator PowerSwerve - Gerrard, Kuyt and Anderson
suck my mon3y, fagget...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

cazal 3y3wears

run dmc, jaychou n shit... classic 3y3wear is what i need...

Monday, November 26, 2007

DJ Shadow vs Cut Chemist Presents - The Hardsell

comin' feb 11st @ commodore ballroom. woot!

GR Digital II

gr lens never zoom, that's why i heart it so much. grd2 is not much diff. from the first one, just a lil' bit stronger, better, and faster, not much really. ahah.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007



- - - - - - - - - - - -


作曲:DJ Galaxy
填詞:C 君


*七一的晚上 煙花多漂亮
飄忽的政治 消失的偶像

回歸十年 突然 諗返起以前
係董生腳頭唔好 定係咁啱金融風暴
啲新聞仲報導 呢十年香港幾好
我哋有幾好嗻 你哋點會知道
幾多個人 曾經係負資產
幾多大學生 人工唔過一萬
一蚊一隻雞都無人夠膽 出街食晚飯
十年人事幾番新 十年過得幾艱辛
有人捍衛到個髮型 捍衛唔到民心
熱烈慶祝回歸 有邊個會咁諗
哥哥 梅姐 霑叔 羅文
失業 SARS 通縮 流感
事到如今 靈灰閣都無預你同我嗰份
或者應份 俾啲掌聲我哋各位香港人




原來突然眨下眼 咁就過左十年
以前仲係中學生 今日要出嚟搵錢
紀念 公眾假期多咗幾天
定係佢無夾硬 無事搵事嚟做
近年經濟轉好 大家行返舊路
有得搵就好搵 搵一陣就好搵過你打幾份工
內地勞工 今日變身自由人
嚟到香港自由行 每個人洗幾千蚊
以前有事走咗去 今日無事返番嚟
灣仔嗰條印刷 街又要拆
維多利亞海港 每年都Transform
好似變形金剛 變成維多利亞河
河嘅對面有座山 山下面燈光燦爛

七百萬人男男女女 有你同我 我同佢
七百萬人來來去去 有你同我 我同佢

Sunday, November 18, 2007

supreme vol. 3 - vincent gallo on da cover!

vincent gallo x terry richardson x takashi murakami @ supreme mag

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nujabes - Hyde Out Productions 2nd Collection

1. Voice of Autumn / Nujabes
2. Sky is falling (featuring CL Smooth) / Nujabes
3. Walz for life will born / Uyama Hiroto
4. Imaginary Folklore / Clammbon by Nujabes
5. Hikari (featuring Substantial) Nujabes
6. Counting Stars / Nujabes
7. Another Reflection / Nujabes
8. Fly by night (featuring Five Deez) / Nujabes
9. Old Light(voices from 93 million miles away remix) / Pase Rock
10. with rainy eyes / Emancipator
11. Luv(sic.)(modal soul remix) / Shing02
12. windspeaks / Uyama Hiroto
13. Winter Lane (nujabes remix) / DSK
14. After Hanabi -listen to my beats- / Nujabes

nujabes released another collection and took 4 years and a half to finish this. i can't wait for it but it's already in store on nov 11st in jap. i'm tryin' to get it before it's hot, but it's hard to find on web bcoz most of the online shops are japanese, and it's pretty damn expensiv3. shiet...

Sunday, November 11, 2007


big tim3 fav. photographer of mine... he mostly shoots the poors, junkies, jews, something people don't see like usual. very impressive, lov3 & peace.

Sw33t oBseSSioNs

top of the line deserts from sweet obsession @ 16th ave. x fratalgra st. i dun even know how to spell the street name. all da damn cakes taste fkn gud even tho i never try them all, but i can see. yummm.... i ordered a triple chocolate mousse n a latte, nshe ordered smoothie n creme' bruhlee... drop by if you have a chance...

spreadin' vib3s

1. Anger Of The Earth
2. Spiritual Home
3. One Fist feat. Pismo
4. Elemental Music feat. Melodee
5. Geishas In The Days feat. Pismo
6. Force For Truth
7. Diaphanous Air
8. Hi, Mom! ~A Prayer For World Peace~ feat. Abstract Rude
9. If I Was Peace feat. Fat Jon
10. Ultimate Eternity
11. Blessing Dance
12. 1st Commandment is... feat. Aaron Phiri
13. Time Of Reflect feat. TOR
14. Sanctuary

Download this album

another (nu)jabes from tokyo with love, a very talented nu dude bring you da mad blunted jazz hip-hop. i can tell that j-hiphop is really gettin' out of japan and goin' int'l, and this album featured few underground heads from us. this dud3's gonna go bigggg man, shit.

hear it now.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

brooklyn way

spreadin' lov3 @ e.hastings

shakin' LaCie Hub
nice leds light divided da usbs. won't feel frustrated from pluggin' usbs into the desktop...

refill se7en @ tokyo

very nice very nice....

mark drew

mode 2
more laser decks designed by bunch of<<<

Friday, November 9, 2007

José Parlá

one of my fav. artists, currently havin' an exhibition in HK @"The New Grand Tour"

In the mood for lov3

Saturday, November 3, 2007

mpc500 goes iphon3? wow!?


This movie has been in my HD for long tim3, but haven't got time to watch. I heard it's mad gud, superb animation n story lin3.

Nothing Impossibl3